Recursive Punks

Recursive Punks

Recursive Punks is the first 10k Recursive ordinals collection. The original Punks are being recreated by combining different pre-inscribed traits.

Note: All Recursive Punks SVGs are already inscribed. First = First. To check of you had the first one check the BitPunks explorer (bottom left).

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Random Recursive Punks from the collection

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Note: Always check if these are already inscribed!

How do these ‘recursive inscriptions’ work?

All punk traits have been inscribed in ordinals (view them here).
These traits are being combined into a new inscription to regenerate the original punks into an svg file.

SVG Example:

<svg width="24px" height="24px" xmlns="">
<image href="/-/content/:7fbfed7e38bbcaf851c2c4426b4c4ede9d09b6e6fd87a040403852681c7c19c2i0" />
<image href="/-/content/:128d1e42f85e67d2a6b0c4c78e9ad47f7d66ed7699e77ddd0a4f0b8a21cdf736i0" />
<image href="/-/content/:62ec589582651e49ed722241dab3bdb93fbd8ddf3fab3d891a30165126dddbcfi0" />
<image href="/-/content/:b866e8f3f51c385a3ae27e65c5abe68e6086a6b74935b1b692de8587f5858148i0" />